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Revision of COVID-19 Response Policy

Thank you for your continued support after re-opening. We had a busy month and have learned a lot with what works and what can be improved. As such, we have decided to revise our policies after reopening for a month in hope of making the experience smoother.

Please find the revised policy below:

Zeal Hair Salon COVID-19 Response Policy:

1. Customers who have been or has a family member that has been abroad in the past 14 days or show symptoms for COVID-19 are asked to refrain from booking with us until proper quarantine period has been completed or negative testing results for COVID-19 was obtained.

2. Customers are required to wear masks during service. If they don’t have masks, 1 mask will be given at cost of $1 per mask. Hands will be sanitized upon entry.

3. The washroom is closed until further notice. We need to figure out how to effectively clean the washroom before opening to customers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

4. All capes will not be reused without going through sanitization.

5. All stylists will be wearing masks during services.

6. Stylists will have temperature checked at the start of shift to protect the customers.

7. Temperature will be measured at the door. If the customer has a fever. The stylist has the right to refuse service.

8. Hours will be modified: 11AM to 7:30PM for May and June. The salon will re-evaluate in June to determine if we can move back to the original operating hours starting July.

9. Stations will be sanitized with disinfectants after each service.

10. The salon will implement a no-cash policy to avoid contact. We will accept Debit, Visa, and Mastercard. We also accept pre-paid services through our online booking system.

11. Please refrain from chatting during shampoo. Also, blow-dry is optional. Customer who do not wish to be blow-dried can let the stylist know in advance.

12. To adhere to physical distancing policies, our salon occupancy limit is set at 15 people. waiting space will be limited. Please do not bring people other than customers scheduled for service.

13. For the duration of social distancing measures, there will be no coffee or tea served.

14. Please be on time as there will be more time than usual is required in between service to sanitize stations and tools.

15. Please book an appointment through the phone or through our online booking system (www.zealhairsalon.com). Walk-in’s are welcomed as well.

1.在過去14天內曾經有家人出國或顯示出COVID-19症狀的顧客,請隔離之後再光臨. 為以防傳染,客戶必須戴口罩, 如果沒有口罩,我們可以以一個$ 1提供。

2. 進髮廊前請用消毒液對雙手進行消毒。

3.洗手間暫時關閉直至另行通知, 在開放之前,我們需要弄清楚如何有效地清潔洗手間。抱歉給你帶來不便。





8.營業時間暫時更改為:11AM 至 7:30 PM。我們會在6月進行重新評估,以確定我們是否可以從7月開始恢復到原來的營業時間。



12.為遵守physical distancing政策,我們的設定我們髮廊容納人數限制為15人, 等待空間將有限, 除預定服務的客戶外,請不要帶其他人來。

13.在physical distancing期間,將不提供咖啡或茶。

14.請準時到達,因為我們需要比平時更多的時間來清潔工位和工具。 15.請通過電話或通過我們的在線預訂系統(www.zealhairsalon.com)進行預約, 當然我們也歡迎walk-in。


Phone: +1 604-247-1178

Salon: Unit 2580 Aberdeen Centre 4151 Hazelbridge Way V6X 4J7

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