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Cold Perm and Digital Perm (Promotion Within!)

Have you had the same boring hairstyle for years and now decided that you want long, luscious, curly hair only to realize that you have no idea how to get the look?

There are a number of ways that can be used to turn your boring, straight, flat hair into dramatic curls. These are generalized into cold wave perm and digital perm. Both procedures can give great looking permanent curls. However, there are some difference between the two including how it looks and the target clients.

Cold Wave (Cold Perm)

In a cold wave perm, dry hair is sectioned and curled around a plastic rod, over which the cold wave solution is poured, completely soaking the hair. After fifteen minutes, another solution is applied to set the curls and neutralize the chemicals.

Typically, cold wave perms use small and medium plastic curlers, leaving you with kinky to medium curls which are more defined when wet. To get the best results, you should use hair products like setting lotion, mousse, and Finesse curly hair products to make the curls stand out.

The curls achieved with cold perms are usually more defined when wet and the curls are s

maller. This type of perm is a faster service and takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours including a cut. It tend to be better suited for people with finer hair. People with harder hair types may find it hard to achieve the curls desired. It is also harder to achieve the soft curls many sought for nowadays.

Digital Perm (Hot Perm)

Digital perm utilizes a combination of chemical restructuring and heat to achieve the permanent curl. The hair is first curled onto heating rods customized to achieve the shape desired. Chemical is then applied to partially breakdown the hair structure to allow the hair to be molded to the shape of the rods. Stylists pull from their knowledge and experience to customize the service (time, temperature, rods, etc.) to give the client the result they want. This type of perm is best suited for Asian hair types and typically has a longer lasting result.

This service especially caters to people who wants soft, natural curls, those who has harder hair types, and people who wants low-maintenance curls. However, as the process is harder on the hair during the chemical heat treatment, people with damaged hair and people with very fine hair need to consult stylists before looking to complete this service.

The entire process, including a cut, takes about three hours. The result is more natural and the hair is more shiny and smooth in comparison to cold wave.

When done properly, digital perming should produce big, soft curls that are more defined when the hair is dry, making it quicker and easier to get a fabulous looking hair everyday.

Because the process takes longer and uses more chemical, the service is more expensive than cold wave perm.

Return From COVID Promotion:

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all of our lives. We want to give back to our clients and help them get a fabulous look hair that doesn't require much styling in the morning. We are giving a 30% discount on our digital perm service for the first 100 customers who books. Stop by our salon for a consultation or give us a call to book the service with us!

Some Styles to Choose From:

Bob + Digital Perm (top row)

Long Hair with Digital Perm (Bottom Row)

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